Project and Programme Management

Designing and Implementing your perfect set-up

Running successful programmes and projects in the pharmaceutical industry is challenging in light of the many regulations, globalisation, resource constraints and the many stakeholders that need to be engaged at each step.

We can help you successfully deliver: Global, Local and Regional Medical Information transformations. We support the entire project from initiation to implementation.

Medical Affairs and Medical Information transformation

Are you looking to work more effectively? Looking to harmonise your Medical Information or Medical Affairs approach? Possibly evaluating global or hub structures?  Is a new IT system also a part of this process? Transformation programmes are challenging and success depends on good planning and industry expertise.

We can help you:

  • Develop your vision and fine-tune your strategic approach
  • Engage key stakeholders and identify key roles, processes, communication and training needs
  • Select and roll-out the best IT-solution for your business 
  • Design, manage and implement the transformation

A global talent network allows us to source additional expertise, when and if needed, ensuring solutions are tailored and resourced specifically for the project at hand.

Medical Affairs and Medical Information Excellence

Have you identified the provision of succinct, accurate scientific information to customers as a hallmark of excellence and a key differentiator?   Do you believe that whatever channel the customer uses, the response provided should be the same? Are you in the process of assessing which communication channels work best for you and your customers?

We can help you:

  • Define medical excellence
  • Deliver one voice in medical
  • Set and implement standards for Medical Information and Scientific Information provision
  • Identify the best channels for scientific information provision including digital, social media etc.