Like elytra for insects, elytra consulting helps your medical affairs and medical information business evolve. Small and flexible we don’t stand in the spotlight but make a real difference by providing clever solutions to complex challenges.

Combining a hands-on approach and a talent for asking the right questions we’ve helped Medical Affairs teams from Fortune 500 to small single-market companies deliver over 100 projects with up to 400 stakeholders in the Medical Affairs, Medical Information and Medical Communications space.

The drive to deliver and an intimate knowledge of Medical Affairs and Medical Information translates to a 100% success rate to date. Contact us to find out how we can help you succeed.

Isabelle C. Widmer MD
Isabelle delivered a workshop focusing on performance excellence and continuous improvement for Medical Information and Promotional Compliance team. Isabelle’s ability to quickly understand complex processes, identify gaps and suggest improvement is quite impressive.— Vinod KoshyMedical Information and Promotional Compliance HeadAspen Pharma Trading
Isabelle has expert level knowledge and understanding of industry best practices for Medical Information/ Communication and Commercial business processes. She came across as a thorough professional and applied consultative approach to address the goals of the sponsor/ customer throughout the process.— Satya S S SagiCEO & FounderTechsol Corporation
Thank you very much for all your efforts, engagement and time. You have really “lighted” the Med. Affairs path for us. For small and busy companies as ours it is of tremendous support to have a reliable and experienced partner as yourself. What is left for us is to find the time and energy to act upon your recommendations and implement your comments. I will make sure we start in the following days before we are run over with the daily business.— Boris LapachevLabatec Pharma SA
I have known Dr. Widmer for a number years through the DIA. Her presentations at DIA have always been insightful and challenging. She does not accept the status quo, but is always pushing the boundaries to improve and enhance the relevance of medical information and medical affairs. She is very engaging and enthusiastic in her presentation style and motivates her audience to keep the patient in mind and strive for the best.— Evelyn R. Hermes-DeSantis, Pharm.D.BCPS Director, Drug Information ServiceRobert Wood Johnson University Hospital