New Ways of Working In Pharma

Sometimes life makes us push the reset button. Sometimes, like last year,  it’s a hard reset.  We have all experienced this at work or at home.  And definitely in the past year during the pandemic. A teenager, who is close to my heart, recently said to me “the bad times always seem permanent, when you are in them, but they never are”. He is right, of course. And it is worth remembering.  So the first year and a half of the pandemic is past. Something new is coming. What is it? What would we like it to be? Can we choose? The new normal is mentioned often.  But  is normal what we are looking for? 

Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez on Unsplash

At this years DIA Medical Information and Medical Communication Meeting 13th-15th October. I will be presenting and co-chairing a session with @Peter Brodin on: Working during the pandemic and beyond: lessons learned, best practices and what we will take back to the office. In the session I will explore what we have learned. About ourselves, our teams, our reality and what is possible. I’ll share ideas on what we’d like to maintain as we move into a new reality. I’ll be joined by expert panelists from Medical Affairs, including @Damian Page , Medical Information,  HR and a psychologist. Together, we will explore, what we retain, what we let go of and what we have to acquire to work and live effectively in the coming years.  One thing is certain, pre-pandemic plans are not fit for purpose in a post-pandemic world. I hope to see you there.  You can find out more  here. I also plan to run a separate shorter session on these topics for a broader public. More information on that will be published soon.

As ever if you are working on cross-functional programmes involving diverse stakeholders including digital, IT, commercial and Medical Affairs and would like an informal chat with me, please don’t hesitate to reach out.