Hey Siri, I’m Not Feeling Well Today

I was recently diagnosed with a tibial shaft fracture. I know. I was very worried.

I was diagnosed by Dr. Chatbot on a well-known site. The symptoms I provided to test the system were targeting the diagnosis: deep venous thrombosis. This wasn’t even offered as a differential diagnosis. The example illustrates, what we all already worry about.

Individuals with no healthcare background are at risk of finding inaccurate information online and consequently following recommendations that may be detrimental to their health. 

So where exactly are we with healthcare provision by AI? Find some thoughts below and please also join me for a panel discussion with the title “Hey, Siri, I’m not feeling well today” at EU DIA 2019 in Vienna on the 7th February.

The lack of validated online sources to provide Medical Information, and the risk this poses to patients, is a concern that is often voiced at Medical Information conferences. In light of regulations restricting the product information that can be provided to non-healthcare professionals by the pharmaceutical industry and the slow change in regulations, I expect we will be discussing this topic for quite a while to come. 

However, the internet is here to stay, our desire to access fact and accurate information, on all topics, including healthcare is increasing, and resource limitations, both budgetary and personnel, are driving changes in healthcare. 

So, can AI rescue healthcare? What about AI and Medical Information? What does the future of information provision look like? And is it already here?

Stay tuned for my summary of our panel discussion at EU DIA 2019 in my next newsletter. I’ll be joining Session Chair Jill Voss, Franchise Head, Medical Information, Communications & Events at Novartis and President of MILE, and co-panelists Suzanne Meenan, Medical Information Group Lead, Roche UK, Ian Hamilton, Medical Affairs Global IT Account Manager, Eli Lilly and Gavin Lyndon, Global Lead: Content Strategy and Management, Global Medical Information at Pfizer.

Some questions for you in the interim:

1) Are you automating Medical Information in your company?
2) Would you prefer to interact with 95% accurate AI for healthcare triage before talking to your doctor?
3) Do you think the regulations will change soon, allowing us to provide more information to patients who call pharma medical information teams?

Do you have any burning questions regarding your Medical Information services, set-up, systems, automation, harmonization? If so, please reach out and we can set-up a time to chat about how I might be able to help.